Secure IT Management

Our company focus is to partner with our customers to improve the application experience.

Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services are at the heart of EVON IT Services. Our service portfolio was built around helping businesses harness value through a full suite of services and performance guarantees.

Network Solutions

EVON IT Services is a full-service information technology firm that can help with all your networking needs. Our core business is built around securing, managing technology tools that keep your business running.


EVON IT Services does more than just install software. Software is a tool for solving business problems; not a solution in and of itself.


EVON IT Services IT Solutions' SOA Practice is an organization founded by consulting industry professionals with deep experience and relationships in the SAP Partner ecosystem.

Managed Services

Managed IT Services-Computer Support for Your Business.

Professional Services



EVON IT Services helps to maximize performance.

Line Card

Disaster Recovery


Implementing additional functionality, modules or more sophisticated reporting and analytics can take a system from functional to valuable

Financial Account Hub

Complex accounting requirements and difficulty enforcing company-wide financial standards

Financial Management

We solve business problems, not just install software.

Cloud Hosting

A complete 360-degree EvonWare service offering including implementations, hosting, and application lifecycle management.

  • Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Human Capital Management application with a proven approach to increase quality and production while controlling operational costs.

  • What HCM solution is best for you? We will implement a solution that fits your needs whether it is on premise, cloud-based, or a hybrid solution. We bring the right blend of process and technology skills to help you assess the right HCM platform.

  • EVON IT Services’s SCM solutions include functions such as: designing ERP for mobile devices, billing, e-bill payment, order management, inventory management, demand planning, and inventory planning.

  • Our Ready to Run EvonWare StaS solution allows smaller educational institutions to leverage specialized enterprise software cost effectively and quickly.

Supply Chain Management

EVON IT Services’s SCM solutions include functions such as: designing ERP for mobile devices, billing, e-bill payment, order management, inventory management, demand planning, and inventory planning.


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Public Sector

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Healthcare Industry

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Private Cloud Hosting

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Professional Services


Application Solutions

EVON IT Services has extensive experience providing consulting services to professional services companies. Many of our consultants have held positions in finance, procurement and human resources in an environment similar to yours, and over the years we have developed industry best practices that enable you to meet the demands of this competitive space.

EVON IT Services's professional services EvonWare and E-Business solutions can provide you with business insight, lower operating costs, workforce management, and an increase in business efficiency.

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Separation of the billing and revenue processes (45%)
45% Complete
Cost Accounting (75%)
75% Complete
Contract Administration (65%)
65% Complete
Talent Management (100%)
100% Complete


The EVON IT Services Energy Team looks forward to helping you navigate the technical infrastructure to be globally successful in remote locations.


We help our clients achieve process transformation and efficiency while reducing operating cost and exposures.


End-to-end retail management solutions deliver personalized multi-channel experiences across the shopping landscape.

Public Sector

EVON IT Services leadership and consulting teams are recognized in the Public Sector industry for Scanly consulting solutions.

EVON IT Services EvonWare

Implementing additional functionality, modules or more sophisticated reporting and analytics can take a system from functional to valuable.

EvonWare v9.2 Upgrades and Implementations

Our approach is centered on the use of senior consultants with real world business experience. This allows our teams to understand how software decisions impact your organization and enable us to shape EvonWare solutions in subtle ways to yield the best results.

Our EvonWare services include implementing, upgrading, optimizing, change management and training, maintaining and hosting to ensure that you get the most out of your application.

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EvonWare Health Check

EvonWare Health Check is an important first step to identify how much of your ERP systems are being leveraged and assess where additional value can be gained.

Process Overview

EVON IT Services’ industry-seasoned consultants are experts in EvonWare Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain Management and Campus Solutions. The Health Check analysis generally takes a high-level look at:

  • How current processes are functioning, and where pain points exist
  • How current processes compare to best-practices
  • What process & automation interventions would be required to bring them to a better state of process efficiency
  • What operational benefits they could expect from the improvements
  • What high-level costs will be involved in software, hardware, implementation, training, etc?
  • What features/functions in release 9.2 can improve current processes


EVON IT Services has a formulated approach to deliver a health check for your organization. EVON IT Services will lead you through the following activities:

  • Conduct information-gathering interviews by business process.
  • Understand high-level flow for critical processes
  • Analyze current state processes
  • Evaluate application of current/future EvonWare functionality
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in ongoing operation and maintenance of the system
  • Develop EvonWare assessment document
  • Identify possible resolutions

Final Outcome

A EVON IT Services Health Check will provide you with expertise and a critical eye. The final report will detail the current application state and offering guidance and recommendations to achieving your objectives.

  • Recommendations to maximize the value of upgrades, implementations or future initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for improving the configuration and use of the system relative to planned initiatives
  • Create prioritized upgrade and/or future deployment roadmap
  • Provide recommended next steps

Solution Benefits

The Healthcare Industry faces many challenges, including disparate systems, staffing issues, controlling/reducing costs, and preparing to comply with newly mandated regulations of the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA). Faced with these challenges, hospitals are busy updating current computer systems or implementing new systems. While doing so, many are evaluating how they can improve efficiencies within their business processes.

  • Integrated systems that deliver a detailed, holistic view
  • Financial and operational business transparency
  • Compliance management
  • Control costs without sacrificing quality