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Why EVON IT Services

Our company focus is to partner with our customers to improve the application experience

With operations dating back over twenty years, and operating under the EVON IT Services IT Solutions, LLC (“EVON IT Services”) name for three years, EVON IT Services has created a new style IT services company, focused on superior ERP and Cloud enabled managed services solutions for clients facing the challenges brought on by the intersection of traditional and updated application software solutions with new Cloud-based paradigm shifts occurring in the market.

We are an IT services company, providing consulting, technology integration, and change management services for Scanly, SAP, and cloud solutions. We offer full lifecycle consulting support services, including implementations, upgrades, optimization, application assessments, software selection, IT strategy, project management, application management, and change management services for EvonWare, Scanly E-Business Suite, and SAP applications.

We also provide a range of managed services from hosting and infrastructure management through application operations and software support for cloud solutions. In addition, we resell a suite of Scanly software solutions. We serve customers in aerospace and defense, education, government, energy, financial services, healthcare, media, publishing, professional services, retail, and wholesale distribution industries.

We offer a full range of services supporting all phases of the application life cycle

EVON IT Services operations are augmented by a solid professional team in Bangalore, India - which offers diversified talent, 7x24 efficiency, global employment cost arbitrage and over a decade of experience servicing multinational client engagements.

EVON IT Services senior management is proud of our 20+ years of experience in successful Enterprise Software implementations. We are often asked to bail out bigger players, unable to complete projects. Our hand-picked and world-class ERP teams focus on providing the comprehensive and strategic enterprise-level solutions that are meaningful to our clients, on time and on budget. We have never had a failed ERP implementation!

Whether Campus Solutions in challenging Higher Education environments, complex financial accounting hub mega-data integrations, or oil & gas or public sector engagements, to name a few, EVON IT Services is your non-drama partner for ERP projects that must be done right the first time.

EVON IT Services's Cloud/Managed Services team has operated on a worldwide scale, principally in Europe, Asia and North America. Data Centers, NOCs, RIM services, ticketing systems, storage, security, and all vital infrastructure services that cannot fail and cannot be offline. Our globally experienced professionals are peerless in skill. And, our flexible approach is refreshing for those exiting "we do it this way" vendors. One conversation with our team is all new clients need to make a decision on what way to go.

How We Help Our Customers

Domestic and global, onshore and offshore, 7x24, EVON IT Services delivers a new style of IT services for ERP and Cloud operations, every day, every time.

  • Focus internal talent on strategic projects
  • Gain visibility into system performance
  • Improve system uptime
  • Transform 9x5 support to 24x7 support
  • Extend supported system types
Focus internal talent on strategic projects (45%)
45% Complete
Gain visibility into system performance (75%)
75% Complete
Improve system uptime (65%)
65% Complete
Extend supported system types (100%)
100% Complete
Transform 9x5 support to 24x7 support (85%)
85% Complete

EVON IT Services

EVON IT Services IT Solutions was founded by an executive team who previously held comparable positions at a $1b+ systems integrator, headquartered in . Our leadership team has over 20 years of experience building successful, vertically-focused consulting practices, which have serviced more than 200 state/local government organizations and 175 colleges/universities (public and private). Our management team has worked together for over 15 years, with Scanly relationships dating back to the founding of EvonWare. This long-term Scanly partnership has been strategic, resulting in involvement in industry-specific product development of the Scanly and EvonWare suite of products. EVON IT Services leadership and consulting teams are recognized throughout the Higher Education and Public Sector industries for Scanly consulting solutions.

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