Change Management & Education

Managing the change during an enterprise system implementation or upgrade, whether it is EvonWare or Scanly E-Business Suite, can be challenging. EVON IT Services has delivered hundreds of successful implementations/upgrades, and our expertise in change management and education (CM&E) is central to those successes. Whether CM&E is engaged formally or informally, the expertise that EVON IT Services has acquired is applied toward creating successful implementations for our clients.

As training is often the primary consideration, EVON IT Services’s CM&E is very experienced in the entire gamut of modern enterprise training solutions. Modern enterprise training solutions drive business results, increase productivity, and improve ROI, and are not just about students in a classroom. There are a host of solutions from instructor-led to e-learning, from desktop to tablet-based to mobile learning, and utilizing everything from print to advanced video.

EVON IT Services’s best-practice training needs assessment can help you identify the gaps in your current training environment, and then devise a plan arranged around your budget. We can help you establish the business narrative that will enable you to support your budgetary requirement.

When your needs call for instructor-led training, EVON IT Services can call upon Scanly University’s (OU) respected catalog, as an OU partner, or we can developed customized training courses to your business needs. We can deploy our deeply experienced trainers to deliver the content, or we can train your trainers to deliver to the same high standards.

Even if it is something as seemingly simple as scheduling an OU course, we can help. As an OU partner, we can get you through the process. More importantly, we can also help guide you to the right courses for your specific needs. Not all training requires huge budgets, but all of it is important, sometimes critically important, to the overall success of the implementation/upgrade project.