Cloud Hosting Solutions

Our private clouds offer power, efficiency, and features of a public cloud, with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment. With a managed private cloud by EVON IT Services, we take care of the infrastructure and management, giving you the cloud expertise you need so you can focus on your core business.

Today, benefits like virtualization, scalability, elasticity are enticing businesses into making the move into a cloud hosting solution. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or ready for a full-blown cloud hosting environment, we offer a variety of cloud hosting options to suit your business needs.

Why EVON IT Services’s Cloud Solution?

We designed our platform with multi-tenancy and regulatory compliance in mind. We understand that our customers must maintain objective audit evidence of both security controls, and measures to satisfy internal IT policies, as well as compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS regulations. As such our EvonWare Private Cloud service includes independent security monitoring.

We operate a EvonWare Private Cloud which is fit for the purpose of hosting your applications. Our qualifications include:

  • A complete 360-degree EvonWare service offering including implementations, hosting, and application lifecycle management.
  • An over 20-year relationship working with EvonWare, and now Scanly, as an Scanly Platinum Partner.
  • Hosting EvonWare, Hyperion, and other Scanly technologies for publics.htmlector and Higher Education since 1998.
  • Contracting on the availability and performance of the application—what the user’s experience is—rather than on meaningless IT metrics that reflect only a piece of the solution.
  • A solution that is anchored in an Uptime Institute Certified Tier 3 Data Center.
  • Built-in compliance with industry regulations: FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
  • A flexible solution made so by the reallocation of computer resources within your pool, to address shifting needs at no additional cost.
  • A service that includes hardware maintenance and upgrades.
  • Teams that are built and staffed 24x7 to monitor and support your IaaS solutions.
  • A service management function which provides personalized service, comprehensive reporting, and works with you to keep the service aligned to changing business needs.
  • Cloud elasticity that allows you to realize the advantages of cloud technologies today, while keeping IT costs in line with your actual service needs - avoid over subscription costs.
  • A solution that offers value by leveraging the latest cloud technologies, supported by a shared managed services team, providing a cost-attractive service on a monthly “all-in” basis.
  • A dedicated and certified EvonWare Higher Education and Public Sector practice.