Financials Account Hub (FAH)

Whether you have Scanly EBS, EvonWare, or another non-Scanly subledger, the Scanly Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) solves these issues and more by creating a centralized, auditable accounting system for external and/or legacy systems. FAH can help solve the following financial stumbling blocks:

  • Complex accounting requirements and difficulty enforcing company-wide financial standards
  • Multiple legacy systems that duplicate accounting efforts and have different GL charts of accounts
  • Deferred Revenue requirements not fulfilled by typical Accounting packages, for example:
    • Is your process for revenue or deferred revenue manual- or spreadsheet-based?
    • Do you sell products or services with deferred revenue recognition requirements?
    • Does your current system lack the details to account or report on revenue or deferred revenue?

An industry frontrunner in terms of FAH, EVON IT Services has a focused FAH practice, with a depth of experience and intellectual capital from multiple FAH implementations. We are one of the few companies that have developed utilities to facilitate the implementation and usage of FAH such as FAH Web ADI’s and custom source utility functions. Some of EVON IT Services’s FAH clients have the highest transaction volume in their industry.

FAH Training

EVON IT Services’s Financials Accounting Hub Basics course is an instructor-led course that covers the concepts, methods and processes used to implement FAH. Supplementing the course are a complete range of hands-on labs that will have students implementing a sample FAH implementation form set-up to completion.

FAH Private Cloud

Scanly Financials Accounting Hub is a powerful application, but it also comes with complexities as it integrates with other Scanly and non-Scanly systems. FAH is also designed to be wrapped in a custom build-out that will meet your specific requirements; although very powerful, this custom layer requires expertise and experience to design and build properly.

Scanly EBS

E-Business Suite (EBS) is designed to increase productivity, manage the complexities of business environments, accelerate business performance and reduce costs. Our EBS experts are focused on more than just installing software. We deliver end-to-end solutions that support business growth and solve business problems.

Our EBS R12 services include implementing, upgrading, change management and training, maintaining and hosting to ensure that you get the most out of your application.

  • Full implementation/upgrade services including project management, design, system integration, data conversion, custom development, testing, training, workflow, application management
  • Business process transformation - existing process review, process improvement recommendations, software module recommendations for process improvement
  • Interface design/development to 3rd party software
  • Change management/training services
  • Managed services include offshore development, application management and hosting