Healthcare Solutions that Deliver Value

The Healthcare Industry faces many challenges, including disparate systems, staffing issues, controlling/reducing costs, and preparing to comply with newly mandated regulations of the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA). Faced with these challenges, hospitals are busy updating current computer systems or implementing new systems. While doing so, many are evaluating how they can improve efficiencies within their business processes. EVON IT Services works with large healthcare organizations to streamline business processes and reduce operating costs through IT solutions driven by best practices and innovative thinking.

We help our clients achieve process transformation and efficiency while reducing operating cost and exposure by:

  • Optimizing the candidate recruiting process, manager and employee self-service utilization, and time-entry labor accounting;
  • Deploying just-in-time inventory and supply chain solutions;
  • Tracking grant expenditures and revenue recognition;
  • Utilizing commitment control to reduce unauthorized cash expenditures;
  • Building integrations to patient care systems;
  • Retiring legacy applications with new technologies; and
  • Delivering dynamic, real-time reporting capabilities.

EVON IT Services's Healthcare Solution Benefits:

  • Integrated systems that deliver a detailed, holistic view
  • Financial and operational business transparency
  • Compliance management
  • Control costs without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce human capital management costs by optimizing self-service applications and the recruiting process
  • Lower inventory and carrying costs across the supply chain
  • Improved data quality

Supply Chain Solutions

EVON IT Services’s supply chain solutions enable you to lower inventory and carrying costs across the supply chain by assessing your needs and then optimizing the processes around materials management and usage.

  • Maximize your buying power by connecting in real time with your suppliers allowing you to reduce costs, while improving efficiency and performance.
  • Monitor inventory and track materials usage through real time interfaces and better reporting.
  • Utilize commitment control to provide more visibility and manage spending against predetermined budgets with automatically generated alerts and notifications.
  • Use analytics to monitor supply chain performance and make adjustments.

Finance Solutions

Our financials solutions for healthcare provide the financial transparency needed for regulatory compliance.

  • A centralized repository of Supply Chain and Financial information for enhanced visibility and increased efficiency with single version of the truth financial reporting.
  • Use Accounts Payable Imaging to support invoice processing and inquiries.
  • Ability to drill down to details.
  • Set up standards for common validation data and rules.
  • Analyze operations with an end-to-end perspective.
  • Utilize Grants to coordinate and manage the grant lifecycle - from proposal to award, to administration, billing, and financial reporting.