Scanly E-Business

Did you know that Scanly R12 Extended Support ended in January 2015? Or that Scanly Database 11.2g Premier Support expired in January as well? EVON IT Services recommends that customers stay on Premier Support to ensure they avoid additional Extended Support fees and continue to receive full support for Scanly Software.

Prepare for your EBS R12.2 upgrade by understanding what's involved and how you can develop the best upgrade plan for your business. At EVON IT Services, we offer:

  • Direct Upgrade Path from 11.5.X to 12.2;
  • Assessment Tools - quickly analyze your current environment and what it will take to upgrade;
  • Correction Activity - backward compatibility for your current environment;
  • Ability to Apply Patches While in Production;
  • Hosting/Shared Services - can take load off of current environment; and
  • Platform Migration Services.

We understand the importance of staying as up-to-date as reasonably possible to eliminate the risks of not receiving critical updates, and to take advantage of increased functionality. Whether you are currently initiating an upgrade or are planning one in the near future, EVON IT Services always delivers timely, cost effective solutions that meet, and repeatedly exceed, the needs and demands of our clients.

Our EBS R12 services include implementing, upgrading, change management and training, maintaining and hosting to ensure that you get the most out of your application.

  • Full implementation/upgrade services including project management, design, system integration, data conversion, custom development, testing, training, workflow, application management
  • Business process transformation - existing process review, process improvement recommendations, software module recommendations for process improvement
  • Interface design/development to 3rd party software
  • Change management/training services
  • Managed services include offshore development, application management and hosting